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Maxihost branding and graphic design

TRBL partners with Maxihost through almost every service that we offer.

The team at TRBL were given an opportunity to work with Maxihost years ago through a full rebranding exercise that we performed in conjunction with the talented team at Keen.

TRBL continues to extend and refine the firm's communications through its well-rounded branding and lightning-fast web platform.

Graphic design performed for Maxihost, remaining true to the branding

Line art represents the virtual and photography represents the physical.

Maxihost's strengths as a company come from its powerful combination of cutting-edge virtual technology and its white-gloved team of real people behind the scenes, and the visual brand system is built to subtly communicate this core idea.

The visual styles and techniques were designed to be unique, memorable, eye-catching and easily reproducible through a set of visual tools that can be combined in a variety of ways to produce unique collateral, while always looking and feeling distinctly like Maxihost.

Maxihost digital advertisement design - variant 2
Maxihost digital advertisement design - variant 3
Maxihost digital advertisement design - variant 1

The website is built with NextJS and Contentful, fully internationalized to both Brazilian Portuguese and English.

The site maintains a full set of local, static translations which are handled by next-i18next and Contentful provides localized data such as regions and news updates.

Speed was an incredibly important requirement of the Maxihost site and the technology that we have chosen makes for an incredibly fast website—delivering its experience almost instantaneously on demand.

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